Emergency Dental Care

If you have experienced a dental emergency, don’t delay.  Call us immediately to schedule an appointment.  We take these issues extremely seriously and will try and accommodate you right away.

What to Expect

A dental emergency is any dental problem that must be attended to immediately.  This could be severe pain, bleeding, or lost tooth.  If you are experiencing any of these things call us right away.  If a tooth has been knocked out, there’s a good chance it can be saved if attended to quickly.  At your appointment, a dentist will evaluate your situation, make you comfortable, and treat any urgent problem promptly.

Why Choose Us

Dental emergencies are serious.  When you choose Upper Bluffs Dental, you will receive prompt, professional care with none of the hassle of an emergency room visit.  Our professional dentists will ensure that you are seen as soon as possible and administer the care you need to save your teeth, eliminate your pain, and prevent further issues.

Contact us at 416-269-7332 for emergencies.



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