Restorative Dentistry

At Upper Bluffs Dental, we know how important your smile is to your entire well-being.  We specialize in techniques and procedures that not only help arrest disease and improve function, but will boost your confidence as well.  Whether you need a partial plate or a simple filling, let us help your smile shine as brightly as you do.

What to Expect

We offer the latest techniques in restorative dentistry to improve both the look and function of your teeth.  Our services include everything from crowns and bridges to implants and dentures.  When you visit Upper Bluffs Dental, you will also be checked for cavities so that we can detect any decay and take care of it before it becomes a larger problem.  The dentist will numb the tissue surrounding the cavity and fill it using a bonded resin material that blends seamlessly with your natural teeth.  They are incredibly strong and indistinguishable in color from the rest of your tooth.

Why Choose Us

Restorative dentistry can help prevent disease, recover jaw function, and improve the look of your teeth immeasurably.  The professionals at Upper Bluffs will consult with you and tailor the best solution to meet your individual needs.

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