At Upper Bluffs dental, we know that visits to the dentist are often accompanied by fear and anxiety.  That’s why we do everything we can to put our patients at ease and minimize discomfort.  If you are worried about a visit or perhaps need a lot of dental work performed at one time, you may benefit from sedation.

At Upper Bluffs, we are happy to offer the following:

Oral Conscious Sedation- This type of sedation consists of an oral sedative that you take before your appointment.  This way, by the time of your procedure you’ll be relaxed.  We may also provide you with nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to further calm your nerves.

IV Conscious Sedation- For some procedures, conscious sedation may be an option.  A sedative will be administered intravenously to induce you into a “twilight” state.  You will experience no pain and may not even recall the procedure.  However, you will be able to respond to requests and answer questions.

Why Choose Us

We handle every patient with the utmost care.  We know that a trip to the dentist can be an anxiety inducing experience.  Our skilled professionals will do everything they can to keep you comfortable and, of course, safe.

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