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5Jul, 2016

Understanding and Eliminating Bad Breath

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Ask Your Dental Hygienist About Eliminating Bad Breath Do you ever worry that you’re the only one in the room with bad breath? Well, guess again. Nearly 40,000,000 Americans commonly suffer from bad breath, also known as oral malodor or halitosis. Yet, it is a curable condition that is generally caused by strong foods such as onions or garlic; poor oral health habits; or medical problems such as stomach disorders, an excessive postnasal drip, or bacteria in the mouth. Once you discover the source of the problem, there are a […]

15Jun, 2016

Caring For Your Teeth With Diabetes

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With very few exceptions, people with diabetes can be treated by dentists the same way as those without diabetes. Your teeth may be cleaned by removing all deposits formed in between teeth as well as under the gum line. If this is uncomfortable, ask your dentist for “freezing”. Your dentist should do everything he or she can to eliminate pain during treatment. If you take insulin, your dentist should be told. The dental staff can then confirm with you that you took your usual insulin dosage and will ask you […]

8Jun, 2016

Proper Brushing and Flossing

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Along with a regular dental exam, brushing and flossing are the most important things you can do for your dental health. Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Regular and thorough brushing removes the plaque that causes gum disease and decay. Brushing your teeth isn’t complicated, but there is a right way to do it. How to Brush Step 1 Use a soft brush with rounded bristles. Choose a size and shape that allow you to reach all the way to your back teeth. Replace your toothbrush every three […]

6May, 2016

Oral Health During Pregnancy

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Growing evidence suggests that pregnant women who have gum disease may be more likely to have a baby that is born too early and too small. While more researching is needed, it appears that gum disease triggers increased levels of biological fluids that can induce labor. Data also suggest that when gum disease worsens during pregnancy, there’s a higher risk of having a premature, low birth weight baby. To help minimize any risks during pregnancy, here is some general advice and some common conditions to be on the lookout for: […]